We provide Virtual Office services for companies incorporated through us, or pre-registered to our local registered agents. All possible details regarding virtual office facilities you will find at the bottom of the page of each Jurisdiction where we incorporate offshore companies:

Services of the virtual offices differ and you may look up the details of the respective jurisdictions above.

These virtual office services mostly concern:

  •  Receiving company mail at the corporate address
  •  Re-mailing of received mail to an address specified by you, at certain intervals
  •  Sending of your mail from this address
  •  For additional charges it is possible to get a telephone number with an answering device, your own (dedicated) telephone number with an answering device or shared number with life secretary, recoding incoming calls, and forwarding to you received messages, your own (dedicated) or shared fax number (fax messages shall be forwarded to you in as agreed or automatically), or even a telephone number which shall be forwarded to your number, etc.

This is only a short summary of services offered by virtual office services providers.  Any of these services shall be terminated in the event that the company is terminated or loses the Good Standing status.
With respect to your business, especially then in case of an active business it may be useful  or necessary to utilize above average level of services, known as virtual office services (with advanced communication techniques and managerial services).

Under standard conditions the offshore IBC would normally be registered at the address of the registration agent. Nevertheless, the utilization of the registered address for mailing services is normally very limited.  The virtual service office agencies for IBC offer a much wider range of services.

The Virtual Office agencies may offer the following service:

  •  Mail/postal service,
  •  Incoming and outgoing fax,
  •  Shared or dedicated telephone numbers,
  •  Telephone answering services,
  •  Preparation of documentation,
  •  Re-mailing and redirecting services

Engaging one or more of these services may contribute substantially to the credibility of your offshore company.  



All fees listed above cover a one-year period.
If the amount of the incoming mail exceeds 18 pieces per year or if we receive bulky parcels, the fees are determined on case-by-case basis.
"Personal Secretary" Services may be provided for your incoming phone calls. The fees for these services are negotiable.

We reserve the right to change Street Mailing Address within the same country, upon preliminary notification of the client.