Incorporate an offshore company is not so complicated. It takes from several days to several weeks before you arrive the corporate documents with a certificate of incorporation by courier to your selected address. But to open corporate bank account for existing offshore company is complicated and in some cases it is quite challenging and financially, sometimes very significantly above the actual cost of establishing the offshore company.
It is therefore very important to plan the entire structure so as to minimize time and financial losses. If it is not easy to open the bank account at a bank in the country of the offshore company,  open the corporate bank account in Switzerland is even more complex and demanding.

Our company will assist you with opening corporate bank account in Switzerland in a private investment bank.  Payment cards available. Personal visit of the bank is required.  

We offer to our clients a complete Swiss Gold Service package that includes:

  •  Offshore Company
  •  Nominal director
  •  Nominal shareholder
  •  Swiss corporate investment bank account with online banking

Documents required:

  • copy of passport
  • original bank reference letter
  • proof of address
  • estimated annual cash flow
  • CV
  • minimum deposit 500,000 CHF, EUR or US$ during first 6 months.

The bank's headquarter is situated in Lausanne with branches also in Geneva and Lugano.
Price for complete package of the offshore company with full nominee service and Swiss bank account is US$ 4,500
Our recommendation fee:  US$ 2,500
Annual renewal fee is  from US$ 3,750

Private, Numbered, ALIAS or Corporate current bank account in Switzerland

We help you to open current bank account in Switzerland in one of the biggest and the oldest commercial bank in the world.

Our company will assist you with opening personal, offshore or corporate bank account in Switzerland in a commercial bank.  Internet banking available. Personal visit of the bank is NOT required.

Main benefits are:

  •     Account management in almost all world currencies including HUF, CZK, PLN
  •     Low minimum deposit:
    • 500,000.00 CHFfor personal accounts and for offshore companies with one shareholder/director = one man company
    • 500,000.00 CHF for corporate accounts with several shareholders/directors
  •     Alias possible for personal accounts
  •     Numbered accounts - for personal accounts only
  •     All kind of payments cards
  •     The widest network of correspondent banks - fast international wire transfers
  •     Asset management
  •     Financial services
  •     Savings

Our recommendation fee:  US$ 2,500


The above description is NOT an offer or soliciting to buy any security or investment product or to receive an investment advice from us.
We are not responsible for any changes in the legal or financial status, requirements, fees and commissions of the aforesaid Bank.


We reserve the right to change fees without notice.
The payment options are: wire transfer.