(All fees include a current year Registered Office Fee, Registered Agent Fee, franchise taxes, foreign Chamber of Commerce fees, and the processing of mail from these Registrars, where applicable).
Prices include all charges. If you order a company without full nominee service in e.g. Seychelles, you are going to pay only US$ 800  for the first year. In subsequent years, you will pay US$ 750. No other charges whatsoever will ever be charged to you.



Formation and first year's cost

Nominee Services + POA (optional service)*

From the 2nd year on

Variable costs


EUR 1,350


EUR 1,150(+NS)


 British Virgin Islands


EUR 700

EUR 1,050(+NS)


 Hong Kong


EUR 2,000

EUR 3,795

HSBC bank account included


EUR 5,200


EUR 2,800

EUR 900 annual report (minimum activity)

 Mauritius GBC1

from US$ 9,900

include 2 rezident directors

from EUR 6,300


 Mauritius GBC2

EUR 2,190

EUR 750

US$ 1,500 (+NS)


 Marshall Islands

1,990 EUR


1,950 EUR*
include POA delivery

include nom. director and bearer shares

 New Zealand

EUR 1,400


EUR 1,300

include nomine director and shareholder


EUR 1,900


EUR 1,500


 Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

EUR 6,980

EUR 2,990

EUR 1,990 (+NS)

EUR 1,990 bank acc. management

 Seychelles (Ltd, LLC)

EUR 800

EUR 1,000

EUR 750(+NS)


 St.Vincent and Grenadines

EUR 750

EUR 600

EUR 750(+NS)



EUR 1,750

full nominee included

EUR 1,650

EUR 900 annual report (minimum activity)


from EUR 700

EUR 1,500

from EUR 700(+NS)


Our price for Nominee Service (NS) includes the service itself, notary services and Appostilled Power Of Attorney (POA).
If you do not wish to use Nominee Service, you or a nominated person may take on directorial function.

* Nominee Service + POA - in some jurisdictions it is normal for offshore companies to set up nominee officers, (nominated director, secretary) and the Charges for these services are already included in the price of the entire corporate set up.  If the corporation has this director/secretary, a POA (Power or Attorney) is issued in favor of the client for him to represent the company (to sign contracts, open bank accounts, etc.)

Courier delivered documentation:  EUR 100 Charges associated with mailing documentation necessary for setting up of a corporation or bank accounts are paid by you. It is up to you to select which mode of delivery you chose; mail, courier (FedEx, DHL). All charges are paid ahead of time.


We may secure shelf companies which have been in existence for years or even longer.  As we purchase shelf companies based only on a specific demand, their prices may vary from corporations set up as new, including annual registration fees, and they may be different from our standard price list.  As your demand for services (company and supporting services) may be complex, it is normal for us to engage our cooperating agents in numerous jurisdictions at the same time. (notwithstanding additional courier and banking charges)



Our referral fees are as follows:


Our Fees

 Bank account with the Belize Bank

EUR 3,500

 Bank account with the Baltic Bank

EUR 2,500

 Bank account with the Mauritius Bank - only for GBC1 and GBC2 from Mauritius

EUR 1,500

 Bank account with the Austria Bank

EUR 3,500

 Bank account with the Czech Republic Bank* POS terminal, Payment Gateway for e-shops and MPOS Mobile Terminals available

EUR 3,500

 Bank account with the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Bank - only for SVG companies incorporated through us

EUR 1,500

 Bank account with the Liechtenstein Bank

EUR 3,500

 Bank account with the Swiss Bank

from EUR 3,500

 NOTE. If extra authentication and/or documents are required, additional fees apply



  • The above description is NOT an offer or soliciting to buy any security or investment product or to receive an investment advice from us.
  • We are not responsible for any changes in the legal or financial status, requirements, fees and commissions of the aforesaid Banks.
  • The client him/herself should get in touch with the bank to obtain and fill out the bank forms and follow all further formalities.
  • * Court translation into Czech language required for all corporate documents and directors/shareholders due diligence.
  • "The Belize Bank", "The Baltic Bank", "The Czech Republic Bank", "The Mauritius Bank", "The Seychelles Bank" , St. Vincent and the Grenadines Bank and other bank names above are just convenient names we assigned to these ten real banks above owing to confidentiality considerations.
  • If extra authentication and/or documents (e.g. Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Incumbency) are required by any of the Banks, additional fees apply.
  • The above banks may apply their own charges for opening of a bank account with them.



(Nominal director with Apostle Power of Attorney - POA)


Our Fees

 For offshore corporations which were set up by us, together with the corporate order

EUR 750

 For UK Ltd  which were set up by us, together with the corporate order

1,000 EUR

 Other jurisdictions

from EUR 900

Courier delivered documentation: EUR 100

We have in each jurisdiction tested out registered agents and the resulting price depends a lot on each specific case (not all required services are offered by a registration agent)
All charges associated with mailing documentation necessary for setting up of a corporation or bank accounts are paid by you. It is up to you to select which mode of delivery you chose; mail, courier (FedEx, DHL)
All charges for our services and goods are due ahead of time.


  • Courier expenses are charged in addition to the above amounts.
  • We reserve the right to change fees without notice.
  • The payment options are: WIRE TRANSFER