The company without a bank account is like a human body without legs. Similarly, the offshore company should have a bank account in one of the offshore locations. Our company will assist you in opening the bank account (private or corporate) in Europe, Pacific or Caribbean. 

Many of you will think ”- OK but what to do with a bank account opened somewhere on the other part of the world, how will I make the transfers, payments and withdrawals? 
Even such a distant bank account is frequently easier to deal with than with your current bank account two streets off you office.

The bank transfers may be easily done through:

  • fax (with telephone confirmation)
  • telephone
  • cheque books issued by the bank
  • credit cards
  • Internet and home-banking

Things that are required to open an account:

  • Your payment according to our price list
  • Bank forms filled out and signed
  • Certified copy of beneficiary's passport
  • Corporate documents with Apostille
  • Certificate of Good Standing: original*

Initial Information Form completed (discusses the business of the company, expected amounts on the account and sources of funds, etc.)
There will always be a debate over what jurisdiction is better than another. In real life, most tax haven jurisdictions are carbon copies of the other. It makes no difference where the company is formed There are secrecy laws in each jurisdiction. The beneficial owner's name is not included in either the corporate documents on file with the Registry and are not on the shares, if bearer shares are issued. The only place a beneficial owner will be connected with the corporation will be on a corporate bank account. Typically, companies can open a bank account in jurisdictions other than the jurisdiction of the incorporation.

It's open secret that international banks impose growingly stringent entry requirements to the offshore applicant desiring to open a bank account with them.
We assist our clients to have their accounts up and running with minimum formal and financial obstacles.

What's even more important, we introduce our esteemed customers only to the banks, having proved:

  • long-term stable financial status
  • high quality of services,
  • reasonable fees and charges.

The Caribbean Bank gives our European and international clients easy, quick and secure computer access to a complete range of offshore banking services. Caribbean Bank provides multi-currency banking and financial services to clients throughout the world. Along with the utmost in privacy, confidentiality and security, Caribbean Bank clients receive great interest rates offered in a stable, tax-free environment.
Caribbean Bank maintains the strictest standards of banking privacy in offshore business and financial transactions.
Clients of Caribbean Bank can communicate with the bank at anytime and from anywhere via the Internet. Clients may also provide Caribbean Bank with instructions using more conventional methods of communication such as telephone, fax, telex or mail, each employing time-tested, effective security procedures.


The Seychelles Bank is one of the biggest banks in the world. Full Internet banking and payment cards available. We could help you with opening corporate accounts for Seychelles companies incorporated through us only. Personal accounts available as well.

From a foundation rooted in trust, experience, prudent management and utmost discretion they have carefully built a unique reputation for forging lasting relationships and history with their clientele worldwide offering financial products and services through five key business lines: Personal Banking, Corporate Banking, Investment Banking, Correspondent Banking and Card Services/Payment Systems.

As well, we may refer you to banks in the British Virgin Islands.


Our referral fees are as follows:


Our Fees

 Bank account with the Belize Bank

EUR 3,500

 Bank account with the Baltic Bank

EUR 2,500

 Bank account with the Mauritius Bank - only for GBC1 and GBC2 from Mauritius

EUR 3,500

 Bank account with the Austria Bank

EUR 3,500

 Bank account with the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Bank - only for SVG companies incorporated through us

EUR 2,500

 Bank account with the Liechtenstein Bank

EUR 3,500

 Bank account with the Swiss Bank

from EUR 3,500

 NOTE. If extra authentication and/or documents are required, additional fees apply



  • The above description is NOT an offer or soliciting to buy any security or investment product or to receive an investment advice from us.
  • We are not responsible for any changes in the legal or financial status, requirements, fees and commissions of the aforesaid Banks.
  • The client him/herself should get in touch with the bank to obtain and fill out the bank forms and follow all further formalities.


  • "The Belize Bank", "The Baltic Bank", "The Mauritius Bank", "The Seychelles Bank" , St. Vincent and the Grenadines Bank and other bank names above are just convenient names we assigned to these ten real banks above owing to confidentiality considerations.
  • If extra authentication and/or documents (e.g. Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Incumbency) are required by any of the Banks, additional fees apply. Please, see the relevant details in our General Schedule of Fees.
  • The above banks may apply their own charges for opening of a bank account with them.