Our company's basic philosophy is to represent our Client's interests by providing highly professional and discreet services, which may be divided into several autonomous fields, result of which are always full-scale services, focused on speed, quality and efficiency of desired solution. Asset Investment Services Ltd., belongs to a closely-nit  agglomeration of international companies and offshore banks offering offshore consulting services.  Asset Investment Services Ltd. is a strong and stable consulting company. It assembles qualified and specialized experts in the area of law, economics, and translations. It understands the current needs of international entrepreneurs in the maze of world commerce.

We cooperate exclusively with tested and verified international partners, banks and registry agencies, knowing many of them personally. With our extensive network of associated and cooperating agents, we also offer their services to other offshore providers worldwide. Our company Asset Investment Services Ltd. sets up corporate entities within the EU, as well as companies off shore, and ready- made companies, provides information trade and,  in numerous jurisdictions regarding commerce issues,  an sets up companies in unusual jurisdictions when requested to do so:

Most of our Clients seek not only one-time service but, with the extending complexity of legislation, they also seek consulting services on current legalities of their lines of business. In the field of international tax law and property protection, we always manage, after consultations with our Clients, to accomplish the best long-run solutions.

Our Business May Be Divided Into the Following Segments:

Asset Investment Services /AIS/ is a part of a group with 20 years of experience providing offshore services to international clients.

The Offshore Site is a brand new service of our group for the incorporation and sale of offshore companies, foundations and other services at very competitive prices.

We incorporate directly on different jurisdictions and we also have the support of lawyers which means that we can assist you with any legal issues.

We work closely with a large network of professionals throughout the world who are qualified to find solutions to your specific business needs.

We concentrate on private and corporate clientele, which emerged as a result of the commercial restructuring of Eastern Europe. We assist these new corporations of the old Continent in understanding fully the North American markets when entering them, or when they aspire to be competitive in their local commercial endeavors.

Asset Investment Services Ltd.  thrives on creativity, resulting in a formation of new legal economic models focusing on the economic results - such structures form a foundation for the economic prosperity of clients.

One of the most important advantages of our Company is very wide network of international registration agents, working with them direct. The following advantages ensue:

  • favorable pricing of offshore services for our clients
  • expediency in setting up of new entities
  • speedy payment procedures, and VAT-free expenses, as the offshore agencies are not subjected to VAT.
  • a wide selection of pre-registered offshore companies, often only a courier delivery away
  • an ability to secure vintage shelf companies, often set up already during the last century, or during 2000, 2001, even later
  • a formidable selection of bank account services for offshore companies, at banks on four continents.
  • offering nominee services in different jurisdictions
  • offering of virtual offices